Laundry digitization for care homes

An optimized and quality laundry service is essential for the proper functioning of a care home, offering the greatest comfort to each resident. Every day, these centers have hundreds of garments that must be washed, dried, ironed and returned, always keeping in mind the importance of achieving hygiene standards and the personal value given to them by both users and families.

To speed up and optimize this process, it is necessary to bet on the digitalization of your laundry and therefore enjoy all the advantages and possibilities provided by these new functions.


Optimization of laundry processes in care homes

In addition to working with an efficient, new and quality laundry equipment, the key to a proper optimization of this service is to have digital solutions which facilitate and improve each process.

Usually, the people in charge of residential laundries face problems or inconveniences with the functions related to the washing process, garment sorting, decision making and error prevention. Do you want to know which are the ideal solutions to solve this problem?


Advantages of complete laundry monitoring

 A monitoring system as complete as possible is essential to make improvements in the laundry processes of a care home, applying much more accurate and effective actions and helping to reduce costs while increasing the productivity and performance of your laundry.

The key is to analyze and understand the performance of both the laundry itself and all its internal processes, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

 But... How to achieve this monitoring? The Sapphire IOT platform is the best solution to control that everything is running perfectly within the internal laundry of your care home. This is a remote management software that allows you to monitor in real time and control the productivity of your laundry at any time and from anywhere, allowing you to make immediate decisions and actions to avoid downtimes and prevent any potential problem.

 This monitoring solution is closely related to Girbau's Disinfection Monitoring Package. It is a technology that allows you to obtain a high standard of quality and hygiene by being able to create and define the disinfection parameters in terms of temperature and time and verify that they are complied with throughout the washing cycle. This is particularly important in the nursing home sector, where achieving hygiene and disinfection standards is a must.


Clothing traceability solutions for care homes

Sorting clothing within a residence is a task that is often a complicated and time-consuming task that requires a great amount of time and effort to avoid errors, losses and discomfort. To considerably improve the workers and the final user experience, there are traceability solutions via RFID (Radio Frequency), which is a technology that allows the identification of garments by using small chips.

Girbau offers closed traceability packages with which you can control the garments of all residents, avoiding losses or confusions. In addition, these solutions guarantee the correct performance of the functions of the entire laundry process of a residence by all types of people and situations, taking a step in favor of labor inclusion.

Also, the Laundry ID system allows for greater control and tracking of your center's residents' clothes, thus increasing productivity in the sorting process and distribution of garments, saving time and avoiding all kinds of losses and errors. Thanks to these solutions, Girbau offers you the possibility of guaranteeing the well-being and comfort of your residents.

At Girbau we are experts in the laundry sector and therefore we are aware of the complexity of the processes and the lack of knowledge that exists. To overcome these difficulties, we offer packages that go beyond the machines, with personalized follow-up and continuous support from our team of experts so that the laundry of your residence is always optimized.

Start digitizing your laundry with Girbau! We will be glad to help you. 

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