The latest technology applied to laundry: smart features and connectivity

The latest technology applied to laundry:
smart features and connectivity



After finding out what a laundry has to be like to meet the demands of the 21st century, i.e. reliable and easy to use, today we're going to talk about the role of technology in the field of laundry and how it adds value on the market. The future of industrial washing machines is definitely smart, and connectivity is a key factor in this. The latest innovations in remote control and monitoring, driven by the rapid rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), provide ground-breaking solutions of enormous use to the industrial professional laundry business, making it possible to boost quality of life for employees or users while at the same time helping to make the best, most efficient use of resources in any kind of professional industrial laundry.

The role of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The first point to emphasise when talking about technology is how the IoT has helped to develop connectivity solutions that, through options like Bluetooth and wifi, make it possible to monitor wash cycles and machine status as well as detecting problems and remote controlling equipment, so making life easier for both operators and users in any kind of laundry.


Monitoring and control systems

Monitoring systems provide high added value as they make it possible to set criteria for washing, spinning, drying and disinfection, to programme machines according to the client's specific needs. Moreover, this remote control of all parameters of the cycle is complemented by comparative histories that make it possible to analyse machines' performance and efficiency, which is very useful.

Connectivity has brought many advantages to the world of laundry, including for example the fact that a client can forget about on-site supervision of the operation of the machines thanks to the system of alerts; or the possibility, also through alert and monitoring systems, of detecting and reporting any incidents quickly and in real time, so reducing machine down time.

Finally, we would stress the importance of overall control in helping to improve management of the business by making available information about productivity, alerts, turnover, costs, performance and so on, on any device.


The future of industrial laundries is smart and Girbau has been working in this direction for years, developing machines featuring the latest technologies, like its Sapphire remote management software which allows you to view the cycles on the machines, check temperatures, water levels and phases in the cycle using any device; or the pioneering Disinfection Monitoring Package (DMP), a new feature built into Sapphire that plays a key role as it provides a remote data recording system ensuring traceability in terms of time and temperature for proper disinfection when washing each batch, making sure the process is successfully completed.

As pioneers in the use of smart systems, Girbau's new Genius washing machines are equipped with connectivity options and cutting-edge smart features using the latest technology in all machines, without needing to add any extra devices.


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