The present and future of professional laundries

The importance of laundry services is indisputable, regardless of the type of sector or business in which we are involved. The expected quality and hygiene standards make it much bigger and more relevant than just "washing clothes".

Whether an establishment has an optimized, efficient, and quality laundry service or not has an impact on multiple factors related to this area, such as the image that an establishment transmits to its customers or the comfort of the residents of any type of center.


Current trends in the professional laundry world

The professional laundry sector has experienced enormous changes and evolved at the pace of technology. Today, technical and mechanical advances make it possible to expand the possibilities and optimize the processes, and therefore, also the results. Greater control, the possibility of remote management, tracking and monitoring, greater decision-making capacity, less room for error... These are just a few of the advances and innovations that could be mentioned.

Some of the most important current examples are the systems for digitization, monitoring, and traceability of linen in a laundry. There are platforms such as Girbau's Sapphire IOT that allow all laundry operations to be controlled and monitored remotely to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Other solutions, such as the Disinfection Monitoring Package (DMP), provide safety and quality results in the washing processes, allowing total control of all the parameters to be considered.

Traceability solutions are gaining more and more relevance in environments where it is vital to identify and know the exact location of each garment. In this case, traceability solutions via RFID (Radio Frequency) and the Laundry ID system used by Girbau allow garments to be identified and increase control and traceability.

On a less technical but no less important level, it is necessary to remember that the professional laundry world has also focused on supporting global values, initiatives, and concerns, such as sustainability, the fight against climate change, and labor inclusion.

In this sense, both machinery suppliers and their customers focus on reducing their carbon footprint, avoiding the waste of natural resources, and using more environmentally responsible materials.

At Girbau we continue to work to compose a portfolio of complementary solutions for our customers in the sustainability vector, such as treatments for the reuse of water, reuse of waste heat to improve energy efficiency, solutions for the capture of microplastics, and

packaging solutions for the elimination of single-use plastics. Our goal is to be a reference in this area, creating a positive impact on the world and on people.


The future of professional laundry with Girbau

The trends that will dominate the professional laundry sector in the coming years will follow this line of automation and digitization of processes we speak about. The main objective will continue to be the optimization of the laundry service while achieving savings in resources, costs, and time.


How will these objectives be achieved?

One of the key elements in this area is efficiency. Having fully efficient laundry equipment makes it possible to achieve many of these objectives. We will continue to focus on machinery such as the GENIUS series of washers, known for their enormous productivity - they have the highest spin speed on the market- robustness, and unparalleled ease of use.

The ED series of dryers, designed to save energy, or Girbau's Compact Pro, which allows all ironing functions to be carried out in a single machine, thus saving time, space and labor, will continue to be key. In short, all machinery that is committed to transforming the complexity of the laundry into simple, easy, and intuitive processes.

Control, customization, and ease of programming and automation will be strong trends in the near future of professional laundry. If you want to know more about how the laundry world is evolving or need advice, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to help!

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