“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

Creating a positive impact on people and the planet

We are a team of more than 800 people committed for more than 60 years to designing and delivering complete, sustainable and innovative textile processing solutions on a global scale, with a global focus. Our goal: to facilitate the personal and economic growth of our clients, team and partners.

With 6 manufacturing plants in Spain, France and China, and equipment installed in more than 100 countries, the Girbau team is ever-focused on sustainability, adaptability and being part of a close community with our customers.

100 years of family business

In 2020, Girbau celebrated 100 years as a family business and 60 years as a premier provider of textile care laundry solutions. With innovation as our driving force, the company has grown and changed over the years, while successfully maintaining what sets it apart: Girbau’s multinational structure and ability to respond to any industrial laundry need anywhere in the world, all with the same values the Girbau family has kept alive generation after generation.

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How we do things

Values define who we are and how we do things, because it isn’t only what we do that counts, but how we do it. At Girbau, we work closely with our customers and strive to understand their feelings and businesses. This is because we are one team ever focused on community, sustainability and innovation.

Specialized Solutions

At Girbau, we offer integral solutions for any type of laundry. And while we cross through and serve many different markets, we specialize in industrial, commercial and self-service laundry solutions. We deliver specialized solutions while adapting to the particularities of each market.

Certified trust

Product certifications guarantee our customers’ compliance with the strictest safety, reliability, efficiency and eco-design standards. Girbau is certified by the ISO 9001 quality standard, by the ISO 14001 environmental standard and by the EMAS environmental management system


Sustainability, in the key of people

We are a community sharing a common ambition: sustainability. We strive to achieve social, environmental and economic sustainability.

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Innovating to create the future

The best way to create the future is to create it. At Girbau, we understand innovation as a way of living: working in the present, while always exploring with our sights set on the future. That innovation sets us apart and delivers the value our customers deserve.

Innovating to add social and economic value

Our innovation policy stems from the conviction that any economic activity must have a positive social impact. Innovation is the means by which we build solutions every day that transform the industrial laundry business into one that positively impacts our planet.

Girbau Experience Center

The Girbau Experience Center (GXC) is a space where innovators and innovation meet. It’s a place to discover, touch, experiment and learn how to improve laundry and textile processing. At GXC, everyone can share their knowledge and experiences, while learning about the latest advances in textile processing, and working on the development of new solutions.

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Girbau Foundation

The Girbau Private Foundation promotes initiatives that contribute to the development of people, the improvement of society and care for the environment. By supporting organizations and associations with grants, it has enabled the development of all kinds of cultural, social and environmental projects. One more way of adding to our community.

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Professional career

One of our obsessions is to promote people's growth. We would be delighted to meet you if you would like to explore the possibility of joining the Girbau community.

Our doors are always open!

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