Panama City, Panama – The well-known property developer Donald Trump initiated construction of the Hotel Trump Ocean Club, in Panama City, Panama. The new complex – a $400 million investment – has radically transformed the skyline of Panama City. With 70 floors and a 260,000-square-meter surface, the hotel is located in Punta Pacifica, one of the areas with the best views of Panama City. It is a hotel complex based on luxury and comfort by which its customers, who can stay in rooms, apartments of lofts, enjoy a wide variety of services – from the usual, to services including chauffeurdriven limousines for their journeys. Girbau is the chosen supplier for the hotel’s internal laundry used for washing customer and employee clothes, as well as for laundry generated by the hotel on a daily basis. Girbau’s 50 years of experience as a global laundry equipment manufacturer, and the proximity and experience of Girbau’s distributor in Panama, Grupo Valo, were critical reasons for choosing Girbau.
Girbau was selected because of its product reliability, unmatched service and equipment efficiency.